It’s got you covered – all day & all night.


The C6N from EZVIZ comes equipped with a Smart IR function, which uses advanced infrared (IR) lighting to capture more details in dim light. With its 360-degree Field of view and smart tracking function, you won’t need to worry about missing a thing.


Smart night vision with Smart IR. 

With Smart IR, the intensity of the infrared LEDs automatically adjusts to prevent overexposure in night vision mode, so you will get more details of the object or person captured at night.


Zero blind spots.

Keep tabs on every corner with just one C6N. its expansive 306-degree field-of-view ensures a full coverage, so don’t miss a thing.


Smart tracking. 

When it detects a moving object, the C6N is smart enough to automatically track its motion while alerting you with an image in real-time.


Communication anytime.

Talk to your loved ones and deter unwelcome strangers - all y using the C6N’s two-way communication feature. Using the EZVIZ app on your mobile device, you can easily and conveniently enjoy communication wherever you might be.


Protects your privacy.

Want a bit more privacy? With one tap of the EZVIZ App on your mobile device, you can enable C6N’s sleep mode, giving you privacy when you need it.


Multiple Storage Solutions

Save your recordings with flexible and secured solutions. The C6N comes with a built-in MicroSD card slot that can store up to 256 GB of recorded footage. You can also save your images to EZVIZ Cloud* for additional back-up.


*Cloud storage service is only available in certain markets. Please verify the availability before any purchase.


WIFI PT camera,

Full HD 1080p,

Smart Tracking,

Privacy shutter,

Two Way Talk,

2.4Ghz Wifi,

up to 256Gb SD card supported

Horizontal rotation: 340 

Vertical Rotation: Up 105 , Down 15 

C6N Smart Wi-Fi Pan & Tilt Camera

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