Carico New Ultra-Tech Whole-House Water Treatment and Filtering System


Four advanced technologies combined into one System to give you Chemical-free, Crystal Clear, Healthful and Refreshing water.


Four Stages of Water Purification


  • NSF Certified KDF 55 filtration media


This specially prepared media, certified by NSF International (National Safety Foundation - USA) controls scales, algae, bacteria and fungi and removes chlorine, pesticides, organic matter, hydrogen sulfide and heavy metals such as lead, cadmium, mercury and arsenic


  • Carico Special Ultra Blend Plus


Specially consolidated and patented by Carico, this media is highly effective at removing chlorine, sediment, volatile organic compounds, herbicides, heavy metals, THMs  (considered carcinogenic) plus bad taste and odours.


  • High Density Garnet Bed


Uniquely designed and made to remove any remaining carbon fines, sediment, dust particles and other suspended matter from your water.


  • Breakthrough Magnetic Field Technology


This technology is proven to reverse the hard water condition and replicates the soft water without the use of salt or electricity. It maintains a balanced pH level, while leaving in the vital minerals that are necessary for good health. With softer water:

  • Skin spotting is reduced
  • Hair becomes silkier
  • Skin feels softer
  • Reduces scaling in pipes and water appliances – extending usage life.


Carico water filtration cartridges have been tested and approved by independent laboratories in United States, Canada, UK, Europe and Mexico.


Backwash & Bypass Systems

The Carico Whole House comes fitted with Backwashing and Bypass Systems



  • Eliminates the need for a pre-filter
  • Backwashes away impurities, sediment and particulate matter
  • Fluffs, regenerate and resettles the garnet and Carico’s special media bed, preparing these stages for another efficient filtering cycle



The bypass feature makes it convenient when the unit is being serviced or re-bedded. It’s also allows temporary shutdown (without affecting water-flow).


The Carico Ultra-Tech Stainless Steel Whole House Water Treatment & Filtering System has been designed and manufactured to provide you with water conditioned with the finest medias available anywhere. You are assured that this water treatment and filtering system will eliminate bad taste and odours out of your water. It will remove or substantially reduce chlorine and other chemicals and contaminants from your water while improving water clarity and taste.


With proper care, your Ultra Tech Stainless Steel Whole House Water Treatment & Filtering System will provide you with many years of healthful, refreshing, conditioned, and filtered water. The Carico WH systems comes in two 2 different sizes and is suitable for use in homes, schools, offices, factories, etc. Healthy, refreshing, conditioned and freshly filtered water will cost less than 3 cents per liter.


The Carico WH water treatment and filtering unit comprises of a custom-made composite light-weight and high-performance inner tank which hold the filtering media and an outer 18/8 high quality stainless steel jacket, which protects the unit from all weather conditions. Carico guarantees the unit against manufacturing defects for 10 years.


The Carico WH water treatment and filtering system is ideal for supplying clean and fresh water throughout our homes and for use in schools, offices and factories. With the Carico WH water treatment system, we can now wash our foods, cook our meals, wash our cloth and shower with clean water.


Purified Water Availability -  Litres (approx) : 2,500,000
Cost of Purified Water per Litre, including Cost of Purifier Unit : 5 Cents 

Cost of additional filtering media to purify over 2,500,000 litres of water        
Rs:33,900    Cost of filtered water = 1.3 Cents p/litre

Carico’s Nutri-Tech WholeHouse Water Purification System

SKU: SS500