EZVIZ solar charging panel can power a battery camera (C3A). it makes batter cameras more convenient to use and eliminates the need to disassemble and charge the battery.


Performance parameter

Open circuit voltage: 6V ± 5%

Short circuit current: 432mA ± 5%

Max. Power voltage: 5V  ± 5%

Max. Power current: 400mA ± 5%

Max. Power: 2W ± 5%

Fill factor: 74%  

Transmission Efficiency: 19%

Operation Temperature: -20℃ ~ 45℃

IP Grade: IP66

Manufacturing Process: Monocrystalline solar  cells, PET laminated wood

Dimensions: Length 153±0.3mm Width 80±0.3mm Height 2.0±0.3mm 

CS-CMT-Solar Charging Panel

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