A Pizza Oven is much more than an oven. From delicate pizza, vegetables, slow cooked meat, pasta & so much more... Our Pizza oven has the ability to to handle domestic usage with ease and are also used by restaurants. Our Pizza Ovens are CE Certified, durable and can reach the perfect temperature 400-500 degrees celcius within minutes. Mounted on wheels that can be moved easily despite their weight. 

All Pizza Ovens have to be pre-ordered and delivery can last between 4-8 weeks depending on shipping lines.


A non-refundable deposit of atleast 50% is required unless extenuating cirsumtances. Items are delivered to your doorstep. 


Premium Stone Gas Pizza Oven With Bottom Cabinet   

Fuel : Gas

Firebrick interior Pizza Oven

20000BTU burner

KD Construction

Full S304 Construction

Bottom cabinet

Cordierite stone

Heating Time 5 Minutes

Cooking Area: 0.48(64cm*75cm)

Premium Gas Pizza Oven With Bottom Cabinet

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