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Bluetooth 5.0 and Qualcomm Chip for Extreme Stability & Up to 52ft Distance


Crystal Clear Calls (Latest CVC 8.0)


10 Mins of Charging Yields 4 Hrs of Playback


True & Balanced Sound Signature


Fashionable, Lightweight & Comfortable Design


Foldable and Ultra-Flexible for Maximum Durability


Terrific Stability

Qualcomm chip coupled with Bluetooth 5.0 technology delivers remarkable connectivity. Outstanding stability whether you are next to your device or as far as 52 clear feet!


Clarity is Power

Engaged in crystal-clear wireless conversations, enabled by the next generation Clear Voice Capture noise reduction technology.


Super-fast Charging

Time spent less is time saved. With the Quick-Charge feature, get a whopping 4 hours of playback in a mere 10 minutes of charging. With 24 hours of playtime on a single full charge, XFree Go outperforms your daily demand for music.


Astounding Sound

XFree Go gives you a Pro level sound without breaking the bank. Precisely balanced tonality and a true to life sound signature ensure outstanding music quality with zero distortion at any volume.


Style loves Comfort

Youthful design and lightweight materials were key in XFree Go's design. With superior comfort and ergonomics, your marathon listening sessions are now effortless.Break free from taking breaks.


Built to Last

Robust built-in quality and craftsmanship allow XFree Go to fold and flex while being ultra-strong. Superior quality materials are used to achieve a worry-free and long-lasting ownership experience.


Warranty : 1 Year
All Prices Include VAT 
FREE DELIVERY in Mauritius & Rodrigues  
Corporate, Reseller & Wholesale deals available : Please get in touch 

Tribit XFree Go

₨2,700.00 Regular Price
₨2,200.00Sale Price
Color: Black
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